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Remote Server Management
  • Server Setup and Configuration
  • Web, Mail Server Configuration
  • FTP, SSH, NFS Server Configuration
  • File, Database Server Configuration
  • Server Security and Server Hardening
  • Task Automation via Shell Scripts or Utilities
  • Troubleshooting
LAMP Server Administration
  • Apache: Configuring Virtualhosts, SSL, Modules
  • PHP, Performance Tuning, Securing, Hardening
  • Tomcat: Web Apps, Performance Tuning
  • MYSQL: Setup, Backup, Restore, PHPMyadmin, Performance Tuning, Password Recovery
  • PostgreSQL: Setup,Backup,Restore
  • FTP: User, Quota, Access Limits, Logging, Security
SMTP Server Administration
  • Sendmail, Exim, Qmail, Postfix Configuration
  • IMAP, POP3 Setup and Configuration
  • DoveCot, FetchMail Configuration
  • Anti-virus, Antispam Configuration
  • Open-relay, SPF, DKIM, Domain Keys Configuration
Web Control Panel Administration
  • Handling administrative tasks for web sites
  • Cpanel and WHM Administration
  • Parellels Plesk panel Administration
  • Webmin configuration for overall system administration
Desktop Management Support
  • Linux Configuration for desktop computers
  • Configuration of open source applications
  • Linux Desktop Training Support
Content Management System
  • Web based applications for WordPress and Joomla
  • CMS services for Wordpress, multiple site setup
  • CMS services and Ecommerce setup for Joomla

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